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Dear colleagues and partners! 

Alexander Kenig - Doctor of Engineering Science - ceramic specialist - tell about welding

The main objective of “NPO MEGATEK” is development and introduction of modern technologies, materials and equipment for hot ceramic welding repair of refractory lining of hyper thermal industrial furnaces by the method of ceramic welding. Implementation of ceramic welding technology allows carrying out hot repairs without taking out the industrial furnaces from the production cycle.

Our enterprise has up-to-date laboratory, mechanical and test bases, highly skilled staff of research, technical and engineering workers with a long-term work experience in the given direction. It allows continuous improving of technology and equipment for ceramic welding, optimizing composition and formula of existing ceramic powders for repair of refractory lining of industrial furnaces, to develop ceramic materials and repair equipment of new generation.

All turn out products are patented in Russian Federation.

Wishing you the best of success we look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Director General
Doctor of Engineering Science
Alexander Kenig


Phone (Russia): +7(495) 550-4127, 550-5648, 550-2455