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Our goal

Development and implementation of modern domestic technologies, materials and equipment for hot repairs of linings and bottom surfaces of high-temperature industrial furnaces.

About company

The company has mechanical, production and testing facilities, a modern analytical laboratory. Highly qualified scientific and engineering staff with many years of experience in this field constantly improves the technology and equipment for ceramic cladding, optimizes compositions and formulations of existing ceramic masses for restoration of industrial furnaces lining, as well as creates ceramic materials and repair equipment of new generation.

All products are protected by patents of the Russian Federation.

For the creation and implementation of domestic industrial technology for refractory lining repair of metallurgical furnaces by high-temperature ceramic welding, employees of our organization received the Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology.


Director General,
Doctor of Technical Sciences,
Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Prize
Nina Petrovna Shchepetieva


A domestic technology for hot repair of linings of high-temperature industrial furnaces by ceramic welding (cladding) has been developed.


Equipment for ceramic welding and condition monitoring of refractory lining of industrial furnaces has been developed.

Repair materials

Repair materials for restoration of silica, bacor and magnesite refractory linings as well as bottom surfaces of industrial furnaces have been developed.


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Hot repair of industrial furnaces by ceramic welding is designed to restore the refractory lining primarily of units operating in continuous mode, stopping which leads to their destruction (coke oven batteries, glass furnaces, etc.).